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CSA Demystified

May 6, 2024

5:00 PM

Curious about how to eat more locally grown food? 

 Join us for a FREE event Monday May 6th at Vivienne Culinary Books all about the benefits of Community Supported Agriculture as well as the learning curve. Sip on wine while we have a lively conversation and Q&A with local farmers and CSA veterans 

Learn about: 

- The benefits of Community Supported Agriculture for you and your farmer 

- How to get the most out of your CSA and reduce waste 

- Different ways to meal plan and prep using your CSA and our fave seasonal cookbooks 

- How to choose a CSA that's right for you

Whether you're a seasoned supporter of CSA or just starting to explore the concept, this event will be a fun and enlightening experience for all. This is an informal event - grab some wine and spend some time perusing Vivienne's gorgeous collection of cookbooks while you're here!

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