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Farm Tour at Blue Raven Farm

November 12, 2022

1:00 PM

The Pacific NW CSA Coalition is here to do many things! We process SNAP and DUFB payments for our CSA farmers, and we work to build community amongst our CSA farmers by bringing them together through events like these.

It's rare that farmers can take the time to leave the farm and get together, but each time we make the space to come together, we all feel the benefit of celebrating our community work collectively. Whether you're a PNW CSA member or not, all farmers and their families are welcome to join us for this educational and recreational farm tour! Come on out!

Here's a little bit about the incredible work being done at Blue Raven Farm:

  • Main Products: Eggs, Vegetables
  • Caring for the land is our first priority.
  • Minimal soil disturbance fosters good soil biology, which results in healthy plants with incredible flavor.
  • We have implemented long term planting plans for the benefit of pollinators and beneficial insect and wildlife species... we've planted over 1,000 native plants and trees to date.
  • Carbon sequestration: With minimal soil disturbance and maximum photosynthesis on our farm, we are helping to store CO2 in our soils.
  • No chemical fertilizers or pesticides are ever used.
  • Locally procured seed, non-GMO seed stock, and regenerative farming practices that are well beyond the organic certification requirements and standards.
  • We are passionate about growing incredible food for the community. We love the connection we have with our members and are dedicated to growing only best for them.
  • Women owned and operated.
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