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Food For Thought Farm

Food For Thought Farm

We are a no till, spray free farm that uses organic practices and is Certified Naturally Grown. We offer fully customizable CSA’s as well as selling at farmers markets and retail.

Food For Thought Farm

Organic Practices, Certified Naturally Grown, GMO-Free

Farm Practices:
Payment Options:

SNAP, Double Up Food Bucks, Work Trade Options, CashCheck, CreditDebit

About Us:

Being Certified Naturally Grown means we grow the best quality vegetables we can, as close to nature intended. Our CSA is fully customizable, meaning you can use your share to individually select each item you receive, including farm fresh eggs and no-spray berries from our neighbor farm. We offer a Volunteer for Veggies program, have frequent on farm work days and events, and offer pick up locations, door to door delivery in Newberg, Hillsboro, and Beaverton, and pick up at our two farmers market locations in Newberg and Hillsboro.

Eggs, Flowers, Vegetables, PlantStarts

Main Products:

Main Season (June - November)

Share Type:

Full Size, Small Size


Time Based CSAs:
Pickup and Delivery:


Share pickup locations and delivery areas

Pickup and Delivery Locations

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