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Fox + Bear urban farm

Fox + Bear urban farm

Fox + Bear is a diversified small scale farming project specializing in the production of high quality, hand tended, specialty produce.

Fox + Bear urban farm

Organic Practices, Sustainable Practices

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Fox + Bear originated in 2013 as a biologically intensive ¼ acre farm specializing in the production of high quality, hand-tended vegetables and herbs. It has grown and evolved in a series of expansions and contractions, acting as a living laboratory in my own exploration of food, farming, ecology, community and my self. I use a permanent no till bed system, hand tools and human power for my work. These practices allow me to maintain an intimacy with the landscape and a sensitivity to the aliveness of the farm. I rely on beneficial insects for pest control so I cultivate environments that will be attractive and habitable for them. I take a biological approach to soil management, centered on nurturing the living food web in the soil through compost, cover-cropping, and organic fertilizers. I build farmscapes through a process of co-creation with my environment in an effort to provide the optimum conditions for the intrinsic knowledge of seed and soil to express itself fully. Each harvest becomes a celebration of the unique expression of seed, soil, and season.

2024 CSA is 25 weeks with pick-up and delivery options. Check out the website for more details.


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