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Little Bearfox Farm
Little Bearfox Farm

Organic Practices, Grass-Fed/Pastured, GMO-Free, Sustainable Practices

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About Us:

We are a small 10-acre homestead farm located on the Nehalem River in Elsie Oregon. We deliver weekly produce boxes to the Portland metro area. Our main season is 20 weeks. It runs from June through October. Each share contains 7-10 different items. We always try to have a balance between leafy greens, salad greens, herbs, root crops, summer fruit crops (heriloom tomatoes, squash, eggplant, etc.), and specialty items (turnips, kohlrabi, peppers, apples, etc.) Shares tend to be smaller in the spring, becoming more abundant in the summer and fall.

we use natural and sustsiable practices on our farm. We use composted manure from our chickens, rabbits and pigs as well as green manure from our cover crops to build the soil. We use natural and sustainable pesticides and herbicides. Mainly neem oil, kaolin clay, BT, diatomatious earth and beneficial insects. We use corn gluten and Suppress for weed control.

Eggs, Fruit, Meat, Vegetables

Main Products:

Main Season (June - November), Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter

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Full Size, Small Size, Storage Share

Weekly, Every Other Week

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