Rise Up Remedies

Rise Up Remedies

RISE UP REMEDIES is a certified organic medicinal herb farm located just outside of Portland, Oregon.

Rise Up Remedies

CertifiedOrganic, Organic Practices, GMO-Free, Sustainable Practices

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OUR MISSION is to provide herbalists, herb shops, and healers with vibrant herbal medicine while facilitating connection to earth, ourselves, and each other.

We tend over 50 medicinal plant varieties on our small and abundant farm where ecosystem care is the driving force. Many of our plants are perennial with deep roots, allowing us to till less frequently and use less water. The resiliency of medicinal plants allows us to keep pests at bay while feeding a diversity of beneficial pollinators. At the heart of our farming operation is building soil, conserving water, and encouraging biodiversity.

Flowers, Medicinal Herbs, PlantStarts

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