Rossallini Farm and Oregon Meat Co

Rossallini Farm and Oregon Meat Co

Rossallini Farm is a multi-species, pasture-based livestock farm located in Scio, Oregon. We provide premium pasture raised meats direct to consumers through Oregon Meat Co.

Rossallini Farm and Oregon Meat Co

Grass-Fed/Pastured, GMO-Free, Sustainable Practices

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Oregon Meat Co's Certified Black Angus cattle live their lives the way nature intended. They start their lives being born on pasture and spend the duration of their lives freely roaming on open pasture. Our beef is free of chemicals, antibiotics, and hormones.

Our Grass-Fed Beef CSA includes a mix of dry-aged steaks, a mouth-watering roast, delicious ground beef, stew meat, hamburgers and more. We dry-age our beef, just like gourmet restaurants and high-end butcher shops. The result is tender texture, deep color and a big ‘beefy’ flavor from a source that you can trust. A full share is 10 pounds a month, half share is 5 pounds a month.

Members understand our meat is raised on a healthy, sustainable family farm.
Members receive specially selected cuts of meat selected and delivered by Sarah.
Members enjoy 100% GRASS-FED beef that is marbled, lean and tasty.
Members know our meat contains NO antibiotics, steroids or hormones.
Members enjoy a 10% DISCOUNT from the retail price of other beef cuts and the ability to add on-to their shares with non-GMO pasture raised chicken, and 100% grass-fed lamb from Rossallini Farm


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