Scrumptious Orchard & Garden

Scrumptious Orchard & Garden

We were founded in 2020 in response to food security concerns resulting from the global COVID-19 pandemic. For the 2021 season, everything grown will be donated to the Colton Helping Hands Food Bank.

Scrumptious Orchard & Garden

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Scrumptious Orchard & Garden is operated by quinquagenarians. Yes, that's right, all the farm staff is over 50 and we still have great farming chops. Harvest days are each Monday and everything we harvest is delivered about a mile away to the Colton Helping Hands Food Bank. We keep meticulous records or every thing that is delivered and let shareholders know each week what we pick and send to the food bank. At the end of the season, we send each member a letter that tallies everything that was donated to the food bank on the member's behalf. This letter can be used to claim membership as a charitable donation.

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