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Sparrowhawk Farm

Sparrowhawk Farm

Family owned and operated farm 1 mile west of Hillsboro. We grow vegetables, fruit, herbs and walnuts for farmers markets, Weekly & Biweekly CSA, chefs and our farm stand.

Sparrowhawk Farm

Organic Practices, GMO-Free, Sustainable Practices

Farm Practices:
Payment Options:

SNAP, CashCheck, CreditDebit

About Us:

In addition to our CSA, we sell our fresh produce and fresh or dried organic mushrooms at our farm stand, at local farmers markets and to local chefs. Our CSA members pick up their weekly or biweekly produce boxes at our farm Thurs, Fri or Saturday or at our new drop off location in Portland - DIY Bar on Wednesdays. We offer a Spring/Summer CSA and a Fall CSA.

Vegetables, Mushrooms

Main Products:

Spring, Summer, Fall

Share Type:

Full Size

Weekly, Every Other Week

Time Based CSAs:
Pickup and Delivery:


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Pickup and Delivery Locations

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