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The Growers Grange

The Growers Grange

The Growers Grange is a small farm dedicated to preserving cultural tradition through the growing of Italian heirloom vegetables & figs "just like Nonna."

The Growers Grange

Organic Practices

Farm Practices:
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SNAP, Double Up Food Bucks, CashCheck, CreditDebit

About Us:

Some may say we use Organic practices, but we like to say we use the growing methods of Bianca’s Grandpa and Nonna, with lots of love and no chemicals.

In 2024 we will offering Italian heirloom subscription boxes. The boxes are designed for lovers of food and tradition. Every vegetable has been carefully selected, representing a wide range of Italian history. Each week we will choose one of box's vegetables, providing you with a traditional Italian recipe and stories of the vegetable's cultural significance and history. There are six box options to choose from, depending on your seasonal preferences / household size.


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Spring, Summer, Fall

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Full Size, Small Size


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