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Anchor Ranch Farm

Anchor Ranch Farm

We’re a small, family-run farm and we raise livestock animals on pasture and in the woods using regenerative agriculture techniques.

Anchor Ranch Farm

Grass-Fed/Pastured, GMO-Free, Sustainable Practices, Oregon Pasture Network

Farm Practices:
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About Us:

We rotate our animals to provide them with fresh forage and to use their natural activity to improve our farm. The pigs clear brush in the woods, the chickens fertilize the pasture and help with pest control, and the sheep both fertilize the pasture and "mow" the grass. We think you can taste the difference.

Our Meat Subscription CSA starts in June and runs monthly for a full year. You can find full details on our website at

We have pickup locations in Portland, West Linn, Newberg, Albany, and are looking to add more. Pick up is once a month, normally on a Saturday. We are small and can generally be flexible on pickups if you tell us in advance.

Each month the CSA share includes ten pounds of a seasonal mix of heritage, forest-raised pork, pasture-raised chicken, and grass-fed, pasture-raised lamb. There is pork year-round, with more chicken in summer and fall and more lamb in winter and spring. We put a wide variety including the best cuts of meat into the CSA shares. You cannot customize your share but if you have special requests such as "no spicy sausage", let us know and we'll do our best. Extras such as soup bones and organ meats are free for any CSA members who ask for them. You can add free-range chicken eggs to your CSA share when they are available, which is generally February through October.

The cost for the 2021 CSA is a $150 up front annual membership fee, and $90 per month in subscription fees. We offer a ten percent discount for picking up at the farm each month, an alternate ten percent discount if you or your spouse is pregnant or nursing, and a two percent discount if you pay by bank transfer which saves us credit card fees. We accept SNAP, cash, checks, credit, debit, and bank transfer. If you want to buy in bulk and save money, we offer bulk discounts on half hog shares, whole lamb shares, and bulk orders of chicken -- see our website for details.

Our sheep are polled Wiltshires fed exclusively on grass and hay. We practice rotational grazing and the sheep are on pasture 24/7. We lamb naturally, outdoors in the spring, and provide mobile field shelters to the ewes and lambs if they need them.

Our chickens are standard roasting/frying chickens. We raise the chickens in mobile, open-air chicken coops without floors and plenty of space, so the chickens can forage in grass but are protected from predators. We move the coops to fresh grass every day.

Our pigs are heritage Gloucester Old Spots, which are fattier and thus have much more marbling and flavor than standard grocery-store pork. The pigs forage in several acres of mixed species forest and we rotate them through the woods to clear brush and mitigate wildfire risk. Both the pigs and chickens get a locally-made, non-GMO, soy- and corn-free feed which is mostly locally-grown wheat and peas.

There is a lot more information on our website, Feel free to email us with questions.


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