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What is a Workplace CSA?

A Workplace CSA is an excellent way for your organization to support local, sustainable agriculture while encouraging health and wellness among employees at the same time! 

In a workplace CSA, employees (typically 5 or more) sign on as a group, and the farmer is able to deliver boxes directly to your place of business for convenient pick up. Employers can offer incentives or educational opportunities to encourage employees to participate. Forming a relationship with a CSA farm helps you to eat healthy while also supporting the local economy.

Workplace CSA

How to Set up a Workplace CSA 

  1. Send an email or memo to staff to gauge interest.

  2. Once you have 5 or more employees interested in signing up, select a farm from our directory 

  3. Determine if you are able to offer payroll deduction to help incentivize your employees to participate.

  4. Contact the farm to talk through cost, payments, deliveries, products, etc.

  5. Relay information to staff.

  6. Sit back and enjoy fresh food being delivered to your workplace each week!

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Workplace CSAs Support Employee Wellness Programs

Employers are becoming increasingly aware of the benefits of engaging in proactive employee wellness programs. For every dollar spent on wellness programs, the average employer saves $3.27 in medical costs. In addition, sick leave, health plan costs, worker compensation and disability costs decrease by about 25% per year with a wellness program in place.

And Employees Love It!

Every year, Sustainable Connections conducts a survey regarding the Workplace CSA program. Noted below are some of the results from a recent survey:

  • 95% of respondents found Workplace CSAs either very convenient (80%) or moderately convenient (15%)

  • 100% of respondents found Workplace CSAs either very easy (75%) or satisfactory (25%)

  • 90% of respondents cited the desire to eat more fresh local produce as a primary motivation for participating in a Workplace CSA


Whether or not you choose to help subsidize the cost of employee CSA shares or simply help facilitate the program, there is little doubt that engaging in a Workplace CSA can help reduce costs to your business. The evidence is widespread and compelling that investing in your employees and their wellbeing will pay dividends in terms of employee productivity, retention and loyalty.

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