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Registration for PNWCSA 2024 season is now open!

We would love for you to join our PNWCSA community. 

1.  Review the 2024 Benefits and Responsibilities

2.  Fill out the 2024 registration.

 Please take the time to be accurate and thorough. 

3.  Make your annual donation to the Coalition.

Your annual donation is based on your 2023 gross CSA sales. Farms that sold less than $50,000 should make a donation of at least $50. Farms that sold over $200,000 are encouraged, but not required, to donate more than $200.  Donation is waived for BIPOC farmers.

4.  Create your farm listing for the directory

We'll send an email with instructions.

Become a PNWCSA Member

Why become a member?

PNWCSA works to promote Community Supported Agriculture in Oregon and Washington. Through community engagement and education, we help build a base of informed eaters that understands the health, social, economic, and environmental implications of sustainably-grown food.

As a PNWSCA member, you become part of our network. You are listed in our on-line CSA directory, we help promote your program, and you can take part in our events and projects. Members are offered a table at our Share Fair. Your participation helps us understand how CSA is taking shape — and changing — in our community.

PNWCSA is also the only CSA organization authorized to accept SNAP payments for CSA shares. We also administer the state’s Double Up Food Bucks for CSA program. If you would like to offer your shares to low-income members, PNWCSA is there to handle all the paperwork.

Still have questions? Email us at


We host a table at events throughout the year, and can promote your farm on your behalf.

Promoting Your CSA Farm at Events

SNAP (formerly food stamps) payment processing

In 2022, we processed over $160,000 from hundreds of CSA members throughout the state, helping our farmers bring local, healthy affordable food to over 1400 people. Our process does not require swiping a card and operates just like automatic bill pay, and takes the administrative burden off the farmer.

Double Up Food Bucks incentive program participation

We offer incentives to help your SNAP customers afford shares.

Matchmaking with Employers and Organizations

Every year, the Coalition matches CSA farms with employers and organizations that want to host dropoff sites.

Members of the  Pacific NW CSA Coalition enjoy the following benefits:

The most accurate and up-to-date CSA directory in the region.

Listing on the website

Table at the annual PNWCSA Share Fair event

Attended each year by over 1,200 people and publicized/promoted statewide

Member Services by Coalition Volunteers

Each year, the Coalition fields thousands of questions from people interested in learning more about CSA and purchasing a share. We work with people to match them to their ideal farm, to form a lasting, long-term relationship with their farmer.

Participate in the largest community of CSA farmers in the Pacific NW.

The small farm community thrives on networking, and PNWCSA facilitates many networking opportunities throughout the year. From farm tours, to soil workshops, to outreach opportunities, we help farmers learn from each other and even find mentors.


As a member of the Coalition, we ask that you:

Your annual donation is based on your 2021 gross CSA sales. Farms that sold less than $50,000 should make a donation of at least $50. Farms that sold over $200,000 are encouraged, but not required, to donate more than $200.  The donation is waived for BIPOC farmers.

Make an annual donation of $50-$200

The Coalition is working hard to make a weekly delivery of fresh, local food available to everyone in the Pacific Northwest because CSA changes eating habits and improves health. Give your members the opportunity to support our work.

Support the Coalition by participating in fundraising events

Does our work help your business grow? We want to make sure our efforts are focused on the right things and that our impact is real.

Track and report referral sources

Take the Farmer Pledge

This Pledge seeks to describe sustainable practices our farmers use in their farming, processing, and marketing. It serves as a bridge for consumers and farmers alike to better know the agriculturists that struggle to create healthy communities, local food security, and food sovereignty. Our farmers pledge that they will:

  • Build and maintain healthy soils by applying farming practices that include rotating crops annually, using compost, cover crops, green manures, and reducing tillage

  • Support agricultural markets and infrastructure that enable small farms to thrive

  • Treat livestock humanely by providing pasture for ruminants, access to outdoors and fresh air for all livestock

  • Conserve natural resources including the atmosphere and climate by reducing erosion and pollution of air, soil, and water through responsible farming practices

  • Reduce food miles by selling produce locally and regionally

  • Create beneficial habitat for wildlife and encourage biodiversity

  • Help preserve farmland

  • Share and develop farming skills and know-how

  • Use ethical business practices

  • Pay a living wage to all farm workers and acknowledge their freedom of association and their right to collective bargaining

  • Treat family members and farm workers with respect, and ensure their safety on the farm

  • Work in cooperation with other farmers and with the neighboring community to create a more sustainable way of life

  • Encourage the distribution of unsold but edible food to people who need it

  • Sustain the land in healthy condition for future generations

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