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Friends and Family Farm

Friends and Family Farm

Vegetables, berries, fruits, and herbs. Offering market style CSA in Veneta, OR

Friends and Family Farm

Organic Practices, Sustainable Practices

Farm Practices:
Payment Options:

SNAP, Double Up Food Bucks, CashCheck, CreditDebit

About Us:

Friends and Family Farm is a diversified market farm.
We grow vegetables, berries, fruits, and herbs.
Our goal is to grow delicious and nutritious food for our community.

Located in Veneta, OR, we are growing on one acre of a sunny field surrounded by tall woodlands.

With our strong culinary backgrounds, we want to make sure that you have access to great produce AND the knowledge and confidence to use it in your kitchen.

Fruit, Vegetables

Main Products:

Main Season (June - November), Spring

Share Type:

Market Share


Time Based CSAs:
Pickup and Delivery:


Share pickup locations and delivery areas

Pickup and Delivery Locations

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