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Tre-Fin Foods

Tre-Fin Foods

TRE-FIN's unique model of fishing prioritizes good stewardship and transparency, and provides an alternative
to the high-impact practices of the conventional fishing industry.

Tre-Fin Foods

Sustainable Practices

Farm Practices:
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About Us:

Ilwaco, WA-based Tre-Fin Day Boat Seafood brings same day-caught local seafood to the market in a unique way. Our small fleet fishes local seafood year round from healthy seasonal stocks caught in regional waters, using practices and principles that are better for fishers and fisheries, the environment and eaters. Our model relies on freezing our catch at the peak of freshness, and operating a completely transparent supply that we alone control (as fishers, processors and distributors, all in one). We can account for the journey–and quality–of our seafood, from the water to your table.


Main Products:

Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter

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Full Size, Small Size, Winter Stock Up, Holiday Stock Up (For Thanksgiving, Christmas, etc)


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