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Eloisa Organic Farm

Eloisa Organic Farm

We are Virginia Herrera and Zenon Ramirez, originally Asuncion Atoyaquillo, Oaxaca. We worked for Spring Hill Organic Farm in Albany, Oregon for 20 years and started Eloisa Organic Farm in 2019.

Eloisa Organic Farm

CertifiedOrganic, Certified Salmon Safe, Sustainable Practices

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About Us:

We have lived in the US for 25 years, working for Spring Hill Organic Farm. In 2019, the farm owner retired and offered us the opportunity to lease land and equipment and we made a long-term dream come true and went into business for ourselves. We’re proud to be a part of the local food community here in Oregon and are so grateful for the community of people who have supported us at Eloisa Organic Farm. The farm is named after Virginia’s mother, Eloisa, to honor her hard work and dedication in raising nine children by herself.

We farm 15 acres of certified organic specialty produce and are known for our unique and quality varieties of tomatoes and peppers and much more. While most CSA programs require a 20+ week commitment, we offer three smaller, affordable seasons, Spring, Summer, and Fall. We do offer discounts for folks who are able to commit to multiple seasons, as those upfront funds really make a huge difference in our ability to have a strong start on farm in the spring. You can find pricing details on our website.

What do you get in an Eloisa CSA box?

We grow a wide variety of certified organic vegetables and are known for having one of the best selections of specialty peppers and tomatoes in the state. Each box contains a mix of greens, staple foods, herbs, and specialty items that change throughout the season. Every week, we send out an email newsletter on Fridays with produce descriptions, stories from the farm, recipes, and more!

2023 CSA Seasons with Eloisa Organic Farm:

-Spring (12 weeks) 4/1 – 6/17
-Summer (13 weeks) 6/24 – 9/16
-Fall (9 weeks) 9/23 – 11/18

CSA Pick-Up Locations with Eloisa Organic Farm:

-PSU Portland State Farmers Market (Saturday)
-Hollywood Farmers Market (Saturday)
-Montavilla Farmers Market (Sunday)
-North Albany Farm Pick-Up (Saturday), 429 NE North Nebergall Loop, Albany, OR 97321

You can find more pictures of our beautiful selection of produce on instagram @eloisaorganicfarm. Head to our website to register and learn more about our CSA program, we accept members all year long and offer pro-rated rates. Don't hesitate to reach out at if you have any questions.



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Main Season (June - November), Spring, Summer, Fall

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