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Full Plate Farm

Full Plate Farm

Winter CSA! Full Plate Farm is a certified organic farm, located on a gentle slope among oaks and firs that specializes in growing winter vegetables in Ridgefield, Washington, 18 miles N of Portland

Full Plate Farm


Farm Practices:
Payment Options:

SNAP, Double Up Food Bucks, Payment Plan, Need-Based Discount, CashCheck, CreditDebit

About Us:

Full Plate Farm is located on a gentle slope among oaks and firs, in Ridgefield, Washington, just 18 miles North of Portland. We are a Certified Organic farm that specializes in growing vegetables for the winter season, so you can continue to eat local, nutritious food throughout the year. Since 2010 we've been growing vegetables for our Winter CSA

Bread, Eggs

Main Products:

Fall, Winter

Share Type:

Full Size, Small Size

Every Other Week

Time Based CSAs:
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