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Sweet Leaf Organic Farm

Sweet Leaf Organic Farm

Located near the confluence of the Mckenzie and Willlamette River in the southern end of Oregon’s fertile Willamette Valley, cultivating 15-20 acres/year in Certified Organic vegetables, fruit & hemp.

Sweet Leaf Organic Farm


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About Us:

Sweet Leaf was established in 1998. Since the beginning, Sweet Leaf has been committed to using 100% Organic practices, managing our fields without the use of synthetic fertilizers or harmful chemical herbicides, fungicides and pesticides. We promote long term soil health by adding compost, organic amendments, cover cropping and rotating our crops by family in 4-5 year rotations. We are committed to growing a good selection of heritage and heirloom seed varieties and of course we never use GMO seeds!

With over 20+ years experience growing small commercial scale organic produce Sweet Leaf is excited to began it's 3rd Crop share season. Look out for new drop sites in Portland, Eugene & Springfield areas.

Our current Shares span through mid May - November.
Currently we offer a 2 week spring promo (to sample Sweet Leaf) the last 2 weeks of May. Our main season runs 22 weeks June - October. We also offer an fall extension for 4 weeks in November. Altogether, our Complete season runs 28 weeks.

We offer weekly and biweekly shares with seasonal add-ons through our online member store.
We also accept split payment with half upon sign up and the half paid by Aug. 1st, 2021
Our CSA offers senior discounts and low income funding on share prices and we donate shares every year to non-profits.

Throughout the season we support and spotlight other local organic farms & their organic products, such as fruit and other seasonal offerings.

Flowers, Fruit, Vegetables

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