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Wild Roots Farm

Wild Roots Farm

Wild Roots is a ecologically-oriented market farm, owned and operated by farmers Mary Colombo and Brian Shipman, growing over 200+ varieties of high-quality vegetables and herbs for our community.

Wild Roots Farm

Organic Practices, Sustainable Practices

Farm Practices:
Payment Options:

SNAP, Double Up Food Bucks, Payment Plan, Work Trade Options, Need-Based Discount, CashCheck, CreditDebit

About Us:

Our sustainable farming philosophies are constantly adapting as we learn more and as we respond to the evolving realities of climate change and hard lessons learned. We are committed to growing diverse and unique crops following organic practices, aiming for the most flavorful and nutrient-dense end-product. We use care for our farm ecosystem by practicing minimal tillage methods to foster living soils, creating thriving habitats for pollinator communities, and strive to strike a balance between human-scale, hand work and some mechanization. We are excited about experimenting more with dry farming and collectivized farming models because our future requires that we figure out how to grow food in both changing social and ecological climates.

We strongly believe that all farm employees should be paid a fair, living wage and treated with respect and care. We are always looking to improve our role as advocates for fair labor practices across the agricultural sector. We all should ask ourselves who touched our food and how those people were treated. Equity in the food system means many things, and first and foremost it means dignity for the hands that steward the lands that sustain communities around the world.

We offer a 24-week CSA with 8 pick-up locations throughout the Portland metro area plus on farm pick-up. Members can add on a weekly fruit share, pork, beef, eggs, coffee, pantry items, and flowers. You will also have access to the website "Cook with what you have". Annually, we will host a member appreciation day with an chance to meet your farmers, tour the farm, and eat really delicious food.

Fruit, Vegetables

Main Products:

Main Season (June - November), Winter

Share Type:

Full Size, Holiday Stock Up (For Thanksgiving, Christmas, etc)


Time Based CSAs:
Pickup and Delivery:


Share pickup locations and delivery areas

Pickup and Delivery Locations

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