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Zenger Farm

Zenger Farm

Zenger Farm is a 501(c)3 nonprofit educational farm in the Lents neighborhood of SE Portland, OR. We have four acres of vegetable crops, fruit orchards and poultry just 7 miles from downtown Portland.

Zenger Farm

CertifiedOrganic, Organic Practices, GMO-Free, Sustainable Practices

Farm Practices:
Payment Options:

SNAP, Double Up Food Bucks, Payment Plan, Need-Based Discount, CashCheck, CreditDebit

About Us:

Over 12,000 people visit Zenger Farm each year to learn how to grow and cook good food. In addition to our CSA, visitors participate in field trips, summer camp (spring and winter camps too), and workshops on cooking and gardening. Our farm is located on 24 acres, a hillside above a wetland. We protect our wetland by using sustainable farming practices crop rotation, cover cropping, native hedgerow plantings, beneficial insect plantings, water conservation, maintaining a low carbon footprint and rotational grazing.

Zenger Farm 2021 Details

Each share includes 6-12 organic vegetables, a bag of grains or beans from Bob’s Red Mill (probably) and a very limited amounts of herbs, fruit and edible flowers.
Season Length is May 13th – October 28th.
Pickup Location is Zenger Farm (11741 SE Foster Road)
Pickup Time is Thursdays from 4:00-6:00pm
Weekly Cost is $16-$50 with our sliding scale pricing and CSA Discounts.
Learn more about our Farming Practices.

Payment Options
At Zenger Farm, we believe everyone has a right to good food. We offer flexible share options, payment options and a sliding scale.
We accept Cash, Check, Credit/Debit Cards, and SNAP/EBT (formerly food stamps).
We offer monthly CSA payment plans for Full, 3/4, and 1/2 Shares.
We offer Sliding Scale Pricing and CSA Discounts so that everyone may join our CSA community.
We participate in Double Up Food Bucks. Members who pay with SNAP are eligible for up to $200 off the cost of their CSA. Double Up Food Bucks reduce the cost of your CSA in addition to any sliding scale discount you select.

We also operate a pick-up site at the nearby Multnomah County Mid County Health Center for patients and staff only. Contact us for more details.


Main Products:

Main Season (June - November), Spring

Share Type:

Full Size, Small Size

Weekly, Every Other Week, Once a Month

Time Based CSAs:
Pickup and Delivery:


Share pickup locations and delivery areas

Pickup and Delivery Locations

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