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Cooking up Gai Lan, Tong ho, & Lemon Cucumbers!

As a part of the work we do to promote Community Supported Agriculture, this year we are offering free cooking classes to help bridge the gap between local farms with financially accessible CSA programs and low-income or low-access communities. This year our very own Laura Bennett of The Vegucation Station is partnering with community organizations, co-instructors, and local farmers to bring this free cooking class series to life.

This month, we went to the Orchards of 82nd housing community in South East Portland. The building is in partnership between Rose Community Development and APANO (Asian Pacific American Network of Oregon) to both offer affordable housing for those need it and pay homage to the long history that the Oregon AAPI community has in the area.

In this class, we sourced Gai lan (Chinese broccoli), Chrysanthemum greens, and lemon cucumbers from Kasama Farm, a queer mixed Filipino-owned farm farming in Gresham, Oregon, and scallions from Eloisa Organic Farm based in Albany, Oregon. Both farms have CSA drop sites nearby and grow incredible produce!

Co-instructor, Hailey Zhou of Kimchi Hailey brought such skill and heart to the celebration of each vegetable in the dishes that we made. Hailey Kimchi is a flavor-obsessed food scientist developing many crowd favorite products that you can find at the grocery store. Originally from China, she builds community here in the PNW through sharing traditional ferments like kimchi and kombucha made with farm-fresh seasonal bounty.

Together they taught residents how to make three simple and delicious recipes highlighting the incredible produce from our local farmers.

  1. Fresh & Quick Cucumber Kimchi

  2. Sesame Chrysanthemum / Tong ho Salad

  3. Gai Lan Stir Fry with Rice and a Soft Boiled Egg

A big thanks to Kelly at Rose CDC for working with us and so many other community groups to provide residents with incredible benefits! And another big thanks to Heather with the Montavilla Farmers Market for connecting us with this community and also handing out free market vouchers for all participants to go home with in addition to their produce and recipe cards.

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