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Pickling Peppers with Pals

Folks had a blast learning to preserve some of the last peppers of the season!

This August we gathered together on a Sunday afternoon at the Portland Cookshop to learn how to pickle peppers through multiple methods of preservation. Pickled peppers and hot sauces can be such a powerful punch of flavor to have in the pantry that you can use to brighten up rich winter dishes.

And other than being delicious, food preservation can be such a fun, practical and empowering task! We were lucky to have the expert guidance from fermenter Traci Stenson Hildner of Lucky Larder to lead us through each step of the process. Scroll through the photo story from the workshop below!

A big thanks to everyone who came and participated in this event! And a big thanks to the farmers for growing these gorgeous peppers!

This workshop featured a mix of sweet and hot peppers from Eloisa Organic Farm, including sweet red bells, cherry bombs, chile de agua, habaneros, red jalapeños, golden cayennes, and habanadas.

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